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What is a CAT® Standard Warranty?

Standard Warranty

When purchasing Caterpillar equipment, Tractafric Equipment provides you with a standard warranty that covers manufacturing defects and parts for a period determined by CAT® based on the age or usage of the product.

Warranty Repairs

The CAT® standard warranty allows you to carry out warranty repairs to restore the product to its working condition as it was just before the breakdown, by repairing and/or replacing the faulty part as well as any damaged parts necessary to correct the defect.

What is an Extended Protection Plan (EPP)?

CAT® Equipment Protection Plan

Equipment Protection Plan (EPP)

Machines, whether new, used, or refurbished, require repairs even after the standard warranty expires. That's why an Equipment Protection Plan (EPP) is essential.

It extends coverage beyond the machine's standard warranty, including both parts and labor. This extension protects you from unexpected repair costs resulting from covered defects in CAT® materials and manufacturer's craftsmanship.

EPP offers a variety of flexible coverage options to fit your needs and budget. It also guarantees the exclusive use of genuine CAT® parts and services provided by certified technicians.

Furthermore, EPP is transferable with the machine upon resale, as long as it remains in the same geographic region where the initial EPP was purchased.

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Extended Service Coverage (ESC)

Extended Service Coverage (ESC) is particularly important for generators and engines, as their reliability is essential. With our ESC for these equipment,

You have the option of various coverage levels and options, perfectly tailored to your budget and professional needs.

It allows you to restore your generators and engines to their optimal working condition, as before any malfunction.

ESC can be complemented with a Caterpillar Value Agreement (CVA) for comprehensive protection covering maintenance and repairs.

It provides protection in multiple sectors such as electricity, industry, marine, oil, railways, and road transport.

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CAT® Extended Service Coverage
CAT® Product Improvement Programs

Product Improvement Programs (PIP)

Product Improvement Programs (PIP) are initiatives by Caterpillar communicated through Service Letters.

PIP programs are imperative programs for the repair or replacement of assembled parts or components.

For priority PIPs and safety-related ones, we send you product problem notices. Safety PIPs are specially designed to eliminate potential safety risks, and we give them immediate attention by making necessary modifications as quickly as possible.

As for priority PIPs, they are implemented to prevent potentially costly repairs in the future and/or to comply with regulatory requirements.

Given the crucial importance of implementing these Service Letters, Tractafric Equipment is committed to systematically informing customers, reminding them to perform the required work as quickly as possible, thereby minimizing any risks, whether in terms of safety or financial cost.

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